Friday, December 25, 2015

The sun going to bed in a cradle

It's time to bring the curtains down!

I started this blog with an intention to post a pic every Friday in 2015, a total of 52 pics. In the 52 weeks I have worked on this blog I have rediscovered the joy of photography and post-photography editing. There have been days when I have had to beat boredom and click and post pics, but in the end it has been worth it.

This choice of this pic, I feel, is apt to bring an end to this blog. I had started this blog with a pic of an early morning sunrise and I'm ending it with a pic of a sunset. A complete circle.

I thank everyone who has been a part of this journey all the best. May you find love, success and peace everywhere you go.

Clicked on a Lumia 920


  1. That's a beautiful click! :-)

    Cheers, Archana -

    1. Thanks Archana. I never knew a rockstar like you checked my blog :) Have fun.